Getting the right treatment will depend on your allergy blood test results. Other allergy clinics will only offer you tests for the same price.

What Extra Benefits Will You Get?

Getting the right treatment will depend on your allergy blood test results. Other allergy clinics will only offer you tests for the same price. I offer you tests and dietetic support and ways to remove your allergy safely from your diet and environment. Regardless of the result, I can help you manage your allergies and teach you skills to ensure that you are in control. You may actually find that an allergy has been having more of an effect on your well-being than you realise. Many of my clients have seen positive results such as:
Weight LossMore EnergyBetter SkinImproved Mood

Reliable and Fast Results

Are you worried about the result of your allergy blood test? Do you feel anxious about having to wait too long? Don’t worry, as part of my service to you, I’ll make sure that you get the results back on the same day. To arrange an allergy blood test, or to find out more about treatments for allergies, please contact me now.


Legally Recognised

Dieticians are the only legally recognised qualified health professional that can access, diagnose, and treat a range of medical conditions with dietary therapy.

British Dietetic Association, 2013.

I am also a member of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Published Literature

I am also a co-author of the Volume 25 issue 3.June 2012 JHND Journal of Human Nutrition Dietetics, “British Dietetic Association evidence- based guidelines for the dietary management of irritable Bowel Syndrome In Adults”. Dieticians throughout the UK are using these published guidelines.

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British Dietetics Association, Roll of Honour

In May 2011, The British Dietetics Association included me in their prestigious Roll of Honour for “Dietetic work that was above and beyond that expected of a standard member’s contribution to committees or working groups”. To find out more about how Positive Dietetics in Aberdeen can help you, call me today on 07866 503434.

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