My Prices

Fees at Positive Dietetics

 Consultations | £69 to £137 Depending on How Long I See You for Initial Consultations | 60 Minutes | Second Consultations | 45 to 60 Minutes

 Reviews | Up to 60 Minutes | £69

 Food Intolerance Test (40 foods) | £177 including consultation and New Diet

 Food with Inhaled Allergen IgE test, with a food intolerance test | £260 includes consultation and New Diet

 Food and Inhaled Allergen IgE Test | £252 including Consultation

Further Information

 Test results are supplied within 24 hours and there are no hidden costs.

 Other allergy clinics offer services for a similar price, but this is for the tests only. I offer you test and dietetic support and guidance, and this helps to safely remove the allergy from your diet and environment.

Doctor Referrals

My nutritional advice is available to everyone. You may be referred by your doctor, or be self-referred.

Using Health Insurance

If you want to use your health insurance, make sure you are covered, and get a pre-authorisation code before seeing me. I am registered and accepted by all large health insurance companies.