Regain Your Confidence

Worrying about your weight, rash, or skin condition can cause you to lose confidence and create unnecessary stress. The last thing you want is to create another health condition from an existing one, which is what I help my clients understand. I will help you to develop healthy habits, improving both your health and happiness. I use my qualified counselling skills combined with many years of experience, to help you cope with your dietary and emotional issues. For a confidential chat, please get in touch with Positive Dietetics in Aberdeen today.

Effective Weight Control

With the medically approved diagnostic diets that I personalise to your needs, you can be confident that the new you is just around the corner.

As part of your unique solution, I want to understand your life, what you get up to and what exercises, if any, that you do.

With a professionally managed diet, ailments such as eczema can all but disappear.